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Becoming a first-time mom during the pandemic, Goulakos felt out of place to say the least. 


The first year of her daughter's life may not have been how she envisioned it, but in true Katina fashion, she made the best of the situation. 


“The World From Her Window” is the story of a little girl, born during a strange time in the world. In hopes of protecting her, the little girl's parents keep their little girl inside the house. However, family and friends can’t stay away and visit the baby through the window. 


Each visitor is greeted with fun outfits and outrageous headpieces, an ode to the author’s stylish toddler.


This sweet story is one of hope, something Goulakos so desperately needed during her first year of motherhood. 


Portion of proceeds of book sales will be donated to Tyndale St Georges



The World From Her Window

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